Our Services

What we do for our clients

Cementing Services

We are premier local cementing service provider to oil and gas wells with internationally experienced management and execution back bone.

Coil Tubing Services

Coiled Tubing services provide customers with reliable, efficient well intervention for vertical, horizontal, highly deviated, and live wells.

Acidizing Services and Products

We possess a full range of global acid stimulation products including iron control packages, corrosion inhibitors, anti-sludge agents, and demulsifiers.

Nitrogen Lifting Services

Nitrogen lifting is a common technique used to initiate production on a well following workover or overbalanced completion.

H2S Safety

Detecting H2S and toxic gas during drilling, work over and production is our specialty. Nepta Well Services established this service in 2013 based on a mission to guarantee safety and health of personnel at work locations according to industry standards.

Drilling Fluid & Waste Management

By adopting a flexible approach to operations, technology and logistics, we are able to balance the complexities of regulatory and economic conditions to design and deploy the best-fit waste management solution that maximizes drilling efficiency.

Down Hole Tools Services

Downhole Tool Service is our’s premier downhole tool provider. With an expert service staff that act as trainers to other employees, we’re confident we can sell you the product you need to get the job done, or perform a service that’s a higher quality than you’ll get anywhere else.

Casing Running Services

Our solutions consist of a full line of services including casing running, tubing running, torque monitoring, pick-up and laydown technology, remotely operated tubular solutions and installation of control lines.